A concentrate of high-quality coffee beans extracted into a liquid using an infusion method. The result is a coffee rich in flavor with mild acidity and a pleasant finish.

How it’s Made

Our cold brew is handcrafted by having our high-quality Indonesian ground coffee dripped for 24 hours before going through a double filtration process. The entire process is constantly fine-tuned to make sure we extract the perfect mix of a mouthful flavor, mild acidity, and a smooth finish.

Cold Brew Crew
Cold Brew
The pure black, no cream, no sugar. Just a straight-up delicious cold brew of our best- quality Arabica coffee.
Cold White
The Milky Awakening, For those who believe milk is best served cold and with coffee, the Cold White will up your milk-coffee combo game.
Cold White Caramel
Sweet but not too Sweet, If you have a sweet tooth but find yourself oftentimes need a "less sugar" beverage, Cold White Caramel will complement your taste buds well.
Cold White Coconut
Brewed with Fresh Coconut Water, the freshness of coconut water elevates the taste of cold brew to another level.
Cold White Mocha
Coffee + Chocolate, for chocolate lovers and caffeine addicts, Mocha offers the best of both worlds in one bottle.
Cold White Ginger
Mild Spice, the hint of mild spice is perfect for when you need an inspiration boost or when you feel extra adventurous in your coffee-drinking routine.


Cold Brew is 20 times more concentrated than hot brewed coffee. With just 2 tablespoons of our
Cold Brew Concentrate, you can easily make any coffee drink you desire such as, Americano,
Latte, or a more unconventional route of endless possibilities. Ice-cream, soda water or any
other favourites can be added according to your choice!

The Cold Brew Concentrate contains different variants; Espresso Blend, Aceh Gayo and Toraja

*A bottle of Cold Brew Concentrate (150ml.) makes 5 servings.

Espresso Blend
Strong and bold, this classic is the go-to blend for experimenting with our (and your own) cold brew recipes.
Toraja Sapan
Toraja Sapan cold brew will accentuate your morning with its delicate body and fruity notes.
Aceh Gayo
The combination of its earthy yet sweet flavour and its bright acidity makes Aceh Gayo beans a perfect cold brew option.