Tanamera Coffee Indonesia will make the first export of premium coffee from Indonesia to Russia on December 4, 2019. This delivery is a follow-up to the Indonesian Coffee Festival in Russia held by the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow on October 11, 2019. The export of premium Indonesian coffee is worth 2 billion Rupiah or the equivalent of 19.2 tons. In accordance with the MoU of Tanamera Coffee Indonesia with business partners in Russia, the plan is that this shipment will be followed by further coffee exports to the country.

The potential of Indonesian coffee for the Russian market is huge. In 2018, Indonesia became the 11th largest coffee exporter in the world, namely 3,628 tons with transactions worth USD 9.1 million. Meanwhile, the total imports of Russian coffee reached 196 thousand tons or valued at USD 592.9 million. The first position of Russia's largest coffee importer is Vietnam (96 thousand tons), followed by Brazil (34 thousand tons), Italy (14 thousand tons), India (6 thousand tons) and Germany (6 thousand tons).

The premium coffee beans of Tanamera Coffee Indonesia that will be exported to Russia are:

  • Gayo Wet Hulled Grade 1
  • Gayo Natural Grade 1
  • Kerinci Natural Grade 1
  • Toraja Semi Washed Grade 1
  • Central Java Honey Grade 1
  • North Malabar Washed Grade 1
  • Bali Semi Washed Grade 1
  • Bali Fully Washed Grade 1

To date, Tanamera Coffee Indonesia have won 51 medals at the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition. Tanamera Coffee Indonesia strongly believes in and is proud of the quality of Indonesian coffee and will continue to serve high quality Indonesian coffee beans, as well as ensure the improvement of the welfare of coffee producers and farmers in Indonesia along with the development of the industry.

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