Tanamera X Vans : When the Origins Meet the Authenticity
Tanamera Coffee carves a path alongside Vans, create a harmony between two distinct cultural icons. Tanamera Coffee, renowned for its specialty coffee that are 100% sourced from Indonesia, while Vans is famous for its classic streetwear shoes. Together, we are striving to create a new atmosphere that values creativity and freedom of expression.
Exclusive at Tanamera Coffee’s Ahmad Dahlan outlet in Jakarta from December 4th – 8th, 2023, customers were greeted by a Vans Corner featuring a huge shoe display, eye-catching signage, stickers adorning the windows, and shoecart while enjoying a cup of high quality coffee that is sure to please your tastebud.
Rooted in “origins” and “authenticity,” we would like to give room for individuals to express their personality through their choice of coffee or shoes, where every sip of coffee and every step becomes an authentic and meaningful expression of self.