The espresso machine from Slayer is well-known for their unique style in the whole world, the superb quality of their machine and of course, their special approach and dedication for the idea to create a better coffee. Tanamera Coffee is proud to establish a collaboration with Slayer as a distributor and authorized after sales services as a commitment to keep the quality of the coffee and support to the client and customer.


Evolving Milk

Slayer Steam is our answer to the unasked, yet crucial, questions about steaming milk. With exclusive technology, baristas take control of steam temperature and flow rate, ultimately improving flavor in the milk beverages ordered by the majority of their customers.

Control & Unlocked Potential

The Vaporizer™ is a compact super-heater that boosts the temperature of steam and creates a dry, invisible vapor. By simultaneously increasing temperature and decreasing dilution, Slayer Steam promotes full flavor development in all milk varieties. Even low-fat dairy and alternative milks display extraordinary gloss, sweetness, and complexity when heated with the Vaporizer™.

Multiple actuation stages add a new level of customization and efficiency. Accu-Flow™ steam actuators feature two positions per wand, each with programmable presets for temperature and flow rate. Now, every session can be personalized for the preparation of a specific beverage. Reserving one setting for restricted flow makes it even easier to steam small volumes of milk for macchiatos and cortados.

Mastery Within Reach

Steam is designed to produce excellent milk drinks for high-volume business and is our first machine with automatic-volumetric operation. Shot volumes, brew temperatures, and steam settings are quickly adjusted in the digital Barista Dashboard™. New brew actuators offer access to two volumetric doses, in concert with shot timers. An adjustable-height drip tray provides 50% more workspace than most espresso machines. Every interactive element has been optimized for efficiency.

These features, combined with many considerations for workflow, ergonomics, and durability, make Slayer Steam the most efficient espresso machine on the market and the top performer for businesses that rely on milk drinks as a major revenue stream.

Supported by A Professional Team and Spare Parts

The technical and support team in Tanamera Coffee are certified and have been trained in Slayer's head office in Seatle, USA. We are qualified to give our clients a full support starting from installation, maintenance, spare parts and a solution to any problems technically.

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