SUMATERA: Solok Washed

Hailing from the west of Sumatera, Solok is a definite reference of great coffee, especially to consider how coffee processing is well regarded by the city. Solok passes two types of post-harvest processings, dry and wet.
In the wet (washed) processing, after it is ripe, the coffee is picked and peeled from its cod, the pulp is cleaned with water to accelerate drying and bring a milder and smoother taste. The beans are then dried directly under the sun for 6 days (washed processing) and / or 10 days (honey processing), until the volume of water decreases to about 12%. The climate of being located higher than 1,500 meters above sea level also influences the taste that delivers a sweet-sour sensory experience, much to the taste of citrus and various spices.

Cupping Note

Stonefruit, Mellow, Caramel, Herby,
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