Slayer Steam 2 Group Head

Information :

Steam is the Slayer for everyone. Supporting the rise of specialty coffee, we present an espresso machine that makes great beverages more accessible and affordable than ever before. Nothing should come between a quality business and satisfied customers; with Slayer Steam, nothing will.
Efficient, flexible bar flow is at the core of our design. An adjustable-height drain tray permits a variety of cup sizes, from demitasse to carry-out. Accu-Flow™ steam actuators allow for quick purging and controlled preparation of any milk volume. The Barista Dashboard™ – a digital control panel that includes shot timers, automatic backflush cycles, and access to all parameters – doubles as a production platform for drink staging. With Slayer Steam, we reconsidered everything about bar flow to help you keep the line moving.
Aim to maintain quality at breakneck speeds? Slayer Steam comes standard with volumetric operation. Classic 9-bar shots may be produced in automatic or semi-automatic modes with 2 dose volumes per grouphead, stored and adjusted in the Barista Dashboard™. This foolproof menu is located in plain sight, above each brew actuator, and offers easy access to temperatures, volumes, and more.
For customers that order milk beverages (your majority, statistically speaking), the new Vaporizer™ delivers an incredible experience in flavor and texture. Dry, super-heated steam prepares milk with unprecedented sweetness and creaminess, even when using dairy alternatives. Lattes and cappuccinos have never tasted this good.
Thorough considerations for cost of materials have enabled us to offer this machine at a lower price than our flagship model, Slayer Espresso. Combining a lower barrier to entry, a distinctive Slayer aesthetic, and advanced features that are in hot demand, Slayer Steam is positioned to be the best value on the market


  • Flow meter for automatic-volumetric operation
  • Chrome-plated, brass portafilters with spouts
  • 58-millimeter, 18-gram Slayer portafilter baskets
  • Teflon-coated shower screens disperse water evenly & clean easily
  • PID-controlled independent brew tanks
  • Custom electronics allow quick adjustment of steam tank and Vaporizer™
  • 1.3-millimeter, 4-hole steam wand tips
  • Saturated groups with auto-bleed
  • Non-slip feet
  • External rotary pump
  • Direct plumb only
  • Steam tank: 7,4 liters
  • Brew tanks: 1,7 liters per group (2)
  • Single-phase: 200 – 260 volts AC 50/60 hertz, 30 amps, 5,700 watts
  • Three-phase: 380 – 400 volts AC 50/60 hertz, 20 amps, 5,700 watts
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Lenght: 71 cm
  • Width: 89 cm
  • Height: 42,5 cm