JAVA: Malabar Natural

Malabar was crowned as one of Tanamera Coffee’s best origins after its excellence over various other coffee origins at the prestigious Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2016, where Tanamera’s Malabar received the Gold Award from the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RSAV) Pour-Over Single Origin category.

The name “Malabar” belongs to a volcanic mountain top on Mount Malabar in Priangan, West Java. Malabar is located 1,400 – 1,800 meters above sea level, the height that hands the advantage to the quality of the beans planted, cultivated, and produced in the area.

Tanamera Coffee provides post-harvest education, where local farmers are provided the training of both wet and dry (natural and honey) processing. The use of water is kept at minimum in dry (natural and honey) processing, which then results in a bolder and more intense taste. After picking, natural processing is directly dried under the sun.

The post-harvest processing influences the taste and aroma of Malabar, resulting in a tropical fruit sensation, sweet but also floral. It is to be underlined that the two processing methods, wet and dry, result in very different coffee tastes.

Cupping Note

Nutty Aftertaste, Granola, Rose Tea, Tropical Fruit Note,
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