Giesen W60A

Information :

The Giesen W60A Coffee Roaster can be operated completely automatically. This coffee roaster has a production capacity of 240 kg/h and is therefore well equipped for industrial purposes and roasting in large batches. The standard working steps are automated to ensure a fast, easy and efficient roasting process. The green beans are being poured automatically into the hopper and will subsequently be released into the roasting drum. After the roast, the roasted coffee beans will be poured into the cooling fan. This fan has a high cooling capacity of 3 – 4 minutes to cool down a whole batch of 60 kg coffee beans. At the same time, during the cooling phase, new green beans can be released into the drum for the next roast. This ensures the productivity and efficiency of the total roasting process.


  • Capacity : 30 – 60 Kg
  • Power : 400V 3-fase, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Gas : Propane and Natural
  • Exhaust : 1 X Ø 200 mm, 1 X Ø 300 mm
  • Weight : 1850 Kg