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About Tanamera Coffee

Since opening our doors in 2013, Tanamera Coffee has been at the forefront of the third wave coffee movement that has taken Indonesia by storm and since then we have shared hundreds of beautiful coffees with thousands of passionate customers. Our mission stayed the same that is to express our passion for Indonesian Arabica Beans and to make it accessible, appreciated and easy to enjoy. For Tanamera, coffee is the sum of culture, history and utmost passion. We admire coffee in all its forms – whole bean, brewed and espresso and we believe that everyone deserves to experience it. That is why we source, roast and sell what we believe is among the finest. Working closely with farmers across Indonesia is something that is integral to Tanamera’s success. There needs to be absolute clarity within the roasting process, we want the quality to represent itself and to show its exquisite characteristics and distinctive flavors. This enables us to serve our piquant coffee through our barista hopefully alongside helpful advice, within a cordial and relaxed locales. The fact that we are able to serve our beloved coffee, produced by farmers we esteem, is a deeply heartening and inspiring experience for us. To drink coffee is an indulgence and we can’t wait to continue giving you that pleasure through a cup of coffee. Since joining Tanamera Coffee around mid-2014, our exceptionally talented head roaster, Mr John Lee has worked tirelessly to source not only the finest but also the most delicious and responsibly-sourced Arabica beans from Indonesia. He then customized a roasting profile suited for each variety of coffee. The end result has to represent the delicateness and personalized flavours, notes and aromas that are unique to each variety, processing method and origin. Our first café at Thamrin City, Jakarta was the actualisation of this hard work. It quickly became a popular place among coffee enthusiasts to express their mutual love for great coffee. Today, Tanamera Coffee’s products and outlets are actively distributed across seven outlets in three cities, attracting people of all ages and all walks of life.

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