About Tanamera Coffee

Since opening our doors in 2013, Tanamera Coffee has been at the forefront of the third wave coffee movement that has taken Indonesia by storm and since then we have shared hundreds of beautiful coffees with thousands of passionate customers. Our mission stayed the same that is to express our passion for Indonesian Arabica Beans and to make it accessible, appreciated and easy to enjoy.

For Tanamera, coffee is the sum of culture, history and utmost passion. We admire coffee in all its forms – whole bean, brewed and espresso and we believe that everyone deserves to experience it. That is why we source, roast and sell what we believe is among the finest.

Working closely with farmers across Indonesia is something that is integral to Tanamera’s success. There needs to be absolute clarity within the roasting process, we want the quality to represent itself and to show its exquisite characteristics and distinctive flavors. This enables us to serve our piquant coffee through our barista hopefully alongside helpful advice, within a cordial and relaxed locales.

The fact that we are able to serve our beloved coffee, produced by farmers we esteem, is a deeply heartening and inspiring experience for us. To drink coffee is an indulgence and we can’t wait to continue giving you that pleasure through a cup of coffee.

Since joining Tanamera Coffee around mid-2014, our exceptionally talented head roaster, Mr John Lee has worked tirelessly to source not only the finest but also the most delicious and responsibly-sourced Arabica beans from Indonesia. He then customized a roasting profile suited for each variety of coffee. The end result has to represent the delicateness and personalized flavours, notes and aromas that are unique to each variety, processing method and origin.

Our first café at Thamrin City, Jakarta was the actualisation of this hard work. It quickly became a popular place among coffee enthusiasts to express their mutual love for great coffee. Today, Tanamera Coffee’s products and outlets are actively distributed across seven outlets in three cities, attracting people of all ages and all walks of life.

Director’s Word
Director’s Word

All of Tanamera’s Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee is sourced solely from Indonesia with our team doing their best to raise the awareness worldwide of how delicious Indonesia Coffee can be.

We have been working directly with farmers to improve the quality of their financial wellbeing since our inception.

Producing freshly roasted, delicious coffee to the highest international standards, Tanamera Coffee has quickly become the leading specialty coffee roaster in Indonesia. This has taken a significant effort from the entire team, to whom I am very grateful. Through this effort Tanamera has emerged to fill the artisan gap locally, sourcing the best coffee beans available in Indonesia through extensive farm visits across the archipelago to check each harvest and bean quality.

The reward and acknowledgement of the team’s effort, passion and expertise is having been crowed ‘The Champion International Roaster’ for the 2nd consecutive year (2016 & 2015). At the prestigious Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), sponsored by Royal Agriculture Society of Victoria (RASV). We are truly humbled and very proud to be a part of Indonesia’s rapidly growing Specialty Coffee Industry!

The team at Tanamera Coffee continue to go from strength to strength with several more stores and roastery locations opening and we are already looking further ahead for International opportunities. We have our exports license’s in place and have started to sell Specialty Grade green beans In- ternationaly partnering with of some of Indonesia’s best farmers to further promote how good Indonesian Specialty Coffee is. We hope you enjoy our coffee’s as much as we do and I hope to meet you on our journey ahead. If you area interested please don’t hesitate to contact me to see how you can help and support the specialty grade coffee farmers in Indonesia.

– Dini Aryani Criddle


Tanamera coffee only uses the finest Arabica coffee beans from the renowned regions across the Indonesian archipelago which handled by our experts with the supporting of our modern machines and equipment.

Adjustment of the roasting profile in producing specialty grade of Indonesian coffee with international standards.

All of those efforts flourished the positive outcome one of it being the award that Tanamera received at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE, 2016, as ‘Champion International Roaster’ by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV).

The achievement is for all the people working within the coffee industry in Indonesia, as we are all striving to improve the specialty coffee industry within the archipelago.

Gold Awards
  • Malabar Natural, Pour Over Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Malabar Natural, Aromatique Fruité: Fruity Aromatic Category (AVPA)
  • Malabar Wash, Puissant Aromatique Acidulé: Strong Acidic and Aromatic Category (AVPA)
Silver Awards
  • Premium Blend, Espresso Blend Category (AICA)
  • Malabar Natural, Espresso Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Solok Honey, Pour Over Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Rasuna Natural, Plunger Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Flores Honey, Plunger Single Origin Category (AICA)
Bronze Awards
  • Espresso Blend, Espresso Blend Category (AICA)
  • Flores Honey, Espresso Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Sidikalang P88, Espresso Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Rasuna Natural, Pour Over Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Solok Honey, Plunger Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Malabar Natural, Plunger Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Toraja, Plunger Single Origin Category (AICA)
  • Malabar Natural, Aromatique Acidulé: Aromatic and Acidic Category (AVPA)
  • Malabar Wash, Doux Aromatique: Sweet and Aromatic Category (AVPA)
Our Passion For Indonesian Green Beans
Our Passion For Indonesian Green Beans

Indonesia is currently the World’s no. 3 coffee production and export volume, of which approximately 80% is currently Robusta and the remaining is high land Arabica. Since Indonesia’s archipelagos lie across the equator it is categorized as a tropical country with 2 seasons, (dry and rainy seasons). Arabica coffee requires a lower temperature for the coffee to grow well, typically this is approximately 1200m above sea level to reach the suitable temperature for the Arabica trees.

Indonesia has 5 large islands with mountains and highlands that grow Arabica coffee (and countless of the hardier Robusta coffee trees). Most of the Indonesian highlands are on the slopes of active volcanoes with the fertile volcanic soils & minerals delivering excellent cup quality and unique flavours. Tanamera source only the best green beans from from local farmers, many of whom have micro lots from which their coffees achieve high cupping scores by using different processing methods such as from Natural through to Honey & Washed process.

The infrastructure, access and conditions on these farms (especially micro lots) is often extremely poor, with many farmers having no funding to help improve their crop quality with better tools, fertilizers, practices and processing equipment. Even their own living conditions are what can only be classed as the proverty stricken level, with many having no hot water or electricity.

Despite all of this we continue to find great coffee and are frequently overwhelmed by the passion of the farmers and workers and their interest to continually improve their coffee quality. Always being received with a warm and genuine welcome despite the hard work and toil  really does show the tenacity of the rural community. Without these farmers we would not have the unique flavours of Indonesian Specialty Grade Coffee. It is a big influence and driver for Tanamera and why are committed to helping those in the industry whilst supporting the continual improvement of the specialty grade coffee produced.

With the Specialty Coffee segment of the world coffee market growing rapidly, we look forward to the years ahead and coffee lovers having access to great Indonesian Coffee worldwide whilst ensuring the farmers coffee quality and their own welfare improves year on year.

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