Tanamera Coffee Capsule


Tanamera Coffee Capsule

Tanamera Coffee uses Indonesian coffee beans, sourced directly from Indonesia’s most renowned coffee producing regions.

Indonesia is currently ranked within the world’s top 3 coffee producing region. Our master of coffee, John Lee, has selected individual estate based on the distinctive profile of our coffee. Putting our heart and soul into sourcing the finest beans within the archipelago, investing in a highly qualified grading to ensure top quality at every stage.

To fully appreciate the quality of coffee and the delicacy of Tanamera Coffee’s flavour, our pods can best be enjoyed hot and cold just like your favorite Tanamera drinks.


To encapsulate the Tanamera beans, the team went through a supervised quality control processing system.

The Tanamera Coffee Nespresso® compatible capsuling manufacturing process is performed on a highly automated state of the art machine capable of producing 10 of thousands of capsules per batch.

The whole manufacturing process is purged with nitrogen to create an oxygen proof barrier,
this ensures consistency and freshness of your coffee capsule is maintained
for up to 18 months. With the wide choices of Tanamera Coffee award winning 100%
Indonesian capsules, you can be assured of the best results.


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