Tanamera Coffee was established to promote Indonesian Arabica coffee, producing freshly roasted, delicious coffee to the highest international standard.

Tanamera was awarded ‘Champion International Roaster’ a prestigious title for Indonesia at the International Coffee Awards at the ‘Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition’ (MICE) one of the world’s leading coffee events.

In the early of 2015, Tanamera has become an official partner with Giesen Coffee Roasters as a distributor for Giesen in Indonesia. Giesen Coffee Roasters is based in the Netherlands and has been in business for 30 years. Giesen strives for the best quality, appearance and functionalities, hence producing top-notch coffee roasters.

The high quality level in combination with the excellent service and constant availability of the support team makes Giesen into one of the top brands of coffee roasters.

Giesen WPG1/WPE1

The WPG1 Sample Roaster enables you to find the exact roast of your choice. You may have a roast in mind, taste it in your mouth, but now want to make it come to life.

Designed with three trays on the frontside, the WPG1 makes it possible to experiment, test and compare three different batches side by side. This compact model has a capacity of 50 – 200 gr. per batch combined with complete professional roasting functionalities.

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Giesen W1A/M

The Giesen W1A/M Coffee Roaster is the perfect solution for a small shop owner or a serious hobbyist, roasting coffee at home. This coffee roaster combines the high quality and extensive functionalities of the Giesen technology into a compact and easy to use machine.

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Giesen W6A

The Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster is the perfect model to use in a roastery or coffee bar. With a roasting capacity up to 6 kg. per batch it is the starting model to roast coffee professionally as you will have the perfect combination of functionalities, capacity and size.

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Giesen W15A

This model is perfect for a middle large roastery. The Giesen W15A Coffee Roaster has a production capacity from 500 gr. up to 15 kg. As with all the Giesen Coffee Roasters, it is possible to roast and cool at the same time increasing the total production capacity. Because of these features the coffee roaster enables you to roast nearly 60 kg. per hour, which is an entire coffee bag.

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Giesen W30A

This coffee roaster is the perfect roasting solution for middle and large coffee roasteries. With a capacity of 30 kg green coffee beans it can roast up to 120 kg of coffee beans per hour.

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Giesen W45A

The second-largest machine in our collection is the Giesen W45A Coffee Roaster. This coffee roaster has a production capacity of 180 kg/h and is therefore well equipped for industrial purposes and roasting in large batches.

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Giesen W60A

This coffee roaster has a production capacity of 240 kg/h and is therefore well equipped for industrial purposes and roasting in large batches.

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Coffee Destoner

The Giesen Coffee Destoners are suitable to destone all different types and sizes of roasted coffee beans and work on single phase electrical supply 230V/50/60 hz. They separate the material from foreign bodies as small as 2,5 mm, leaving only fresh, clean coffee beans of the highest quality.

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Electrostatic Filter

Roasting coffee is a beautiful process in which green coffee beans are being transformed into roasted beans that can be used to brew fresh, aromatic coffee. The roasting process always produces by-products like smoke and smell. Depending on the size of your coffee roaster you can choose an electrostatic filter or an afterburner to reduce the nuisance of the exhaust.

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Supported by A Professional Team and Spare Parts

The technical and support team in Tanamera Coffee are certified and have been trained in Giesen's head office. We are qualified to give our clients a full support starting from installation, maintenance, spare parts and a solution to any problems technically.